I'm finally home and settled after three back-to-back trips: India, Dubai and L.A. And as always, I love traveling but it's sooooo good to be home. 

So between my boys, hubby and business you can only imagine how much I had to get organized before I left. Lists were my best friends.

One of my many lists was for everything I needed to pack for each destination. Each place had distinct events and weather, which made it pretty overwhelming at times....WATCH VIDEO

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It's here. The dreaded April 15th deadline.

Here in the States, it's taxes day!

So I thought it would be fitting to to talk about financial organization. ;) I know, not the sexiest topic ever, but so important to alleviating mental stress. 

There's nothing worse than panicking about bills being paid on time and accounts being up to date. 

I'll admit. This is my absolute downfall. Thank goodness my hubby is a financial genius! (I married well)....WATCH VIDEO

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I'll be back from my fantabulous trip late tomorrow. Which means, buh-bye no schedules, sleeping in and staying out late. And hell-ooooo, daily grind. ;)

Actually, it really isn't a bad thing.

I'm desperately missing my kids and hubby, and time away is making me yearn for my day-to-day routines with them. 

There is something about wonderful about knowing what to expect everyday....WATCH VIDEO

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I arrived safe and sound in New Delhi, India. And it's just incredible to be with all my relatives. 

My grandmother is 90 years old and going strong. And I have cousins that I grew up with, (we spent many summers here), that I haven't seen in fifteen years!

Not to mention the excitement and thrill of the wedding that I'm here for. My cousin looks radiant and everything is decorated so beautifully.....WATCH VIDEO

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Getting rid of stuff is tough, period.

But eliminating something you've barely, (if ever), worn or used makes it even more challenging. 

I hate when I buy a shirt or dress and see it hanging in my closet with the tags on it a year later.

There's some reason I haven't worn it (usually buyer's remorse) but at the same time, I just I can't get myself to part with it. It's just too good to "give away."...WATCH VIDEO

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Routines are good, aren't they?

Routines get your teeth cleaned every morning. Routines make you eat everyday. And they get you to bed every night.

But some routines can be hard. I mean like, really hard. 

I've been trying to get on a good workout routine forever, and it's always a struggle for me. But the days I commit to it, everything feels so much better....WATCH VIDEO

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