After years of training and practice I can proudly say that I'm not much of a "piler."  Well, except one it comes to one thing...Papers!

I'm guessing you're with me on this one. ;) 

They're just not as easy as picking up let's say, a spoon or a pillow. You know where your spoon is supposed to go and there isn't too much decision making about that pillow either. But pick up a piece of paper and...back down it goes. Back to your counter or desk or to top off a pile that already exists....WATCH VIDEO

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I'm feeling totally pumped today because there are some pretty exciting things going on with LIO right now.

I'm knee-deep into a few projects and I feel more energized than I have in months. 

You may have joined me on Facebook for my series of 30 second organizing videos, you might have heard about my life management workshop coming out in September (that I'm ridiculously excited about), and in less than a week I'll be introducing a "7-day decluttering" workshop. 

So I'm telling you this because for a while I was in a bit of a slump. Okay, a big slump....WATCH VIDEO

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Don't you love when you finally get to check off a project from your list?

Funny how the longer you've put it off, the greater your sense of achievement. 

My sweet man and I made a serious dent in some long overdue home projects this weekend. I'm talkin' papers, books, electronics and closets. 

And it felt gooo-oood. We definitely said good bye to a lot of stuff.

But as exciting as decluttering was - rediscovering old gems was even more fun....WATCH VIDEO 

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Wanna know something about me you probably don't know?

I love to write poems.  

I'm no Shakespeare but I love creating fun rhymes for people that I care about.  

And when I think about caring, naturally I'm reminded of all the amazing people who support me....WATCH VIDEO

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Most of us work really hard to keep things running smoothly in our lives. 

We make schedules. We plan ahead (when we can ;). We put systems in place.

And we try our best to eliminate things that we really don't need. 

But it's a constant battle. Before we can get stuff out, more comes in. 

Do you know that one reason we can't get stuff out fast enough is because we don't take the time to make decisions?...WATCH VIDEO

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Ever get that sinking feeling you have something to do but you just can't remember what it is?

I hate when that happens.

Or when you're at the store and you know there's something you need to pick up, but it's just not coming to you. (Of course you remember on your way home). Annoying! 

There's one habit that's totally changed my life and that is:...WATCH VIDEO

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