"I don't know what I need to get organized."

"I go to the store I don't know what bins or containers to buy, so I do nothing."

These are some of the common things I hear from awesome people like you who want to make change but get confused or overwhelmed before they even start. Which usually means they don't start at all. 

And that breaks my heart.

Because I know magazines, HGTV and other "perfect organization culprits" have programmed us to think it has to be harder than it really is....WATCH VIDEO

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Quick confession: I'm having a hard time focusing on this today.

It's partly because I've been busy prepping for the launch of my new "total life organization" program, Power House Ultimate, (yes, that was my first reveal of the title!) 

It's like time management meets home organization and has the most amazing baby! ;)...WATCH VIDEO

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I'm coming off a high from wrapping up my Decluttering Diva workshop. And let me tell you - the divas who took part, kicked major boot-ay in getting rid of a ton of unnecessary clutter.

One of the first things we did in the workshop was identify our most cluttered spaces. I bet you could guess the most popular space. Yup, the kitchen.

Ahhhhh the kitchen. The heart of the home. The nourishment of love. The pulse of the family. The dumping ground for EVERYTHING! ...WATCH VIDEO

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You know how there are some people you feel really great being around?

Maybe it's their energy, positive attitude or humor.

Maybe they make you feel appreciated, loved or inspired. Whatever it is, they are truly a pleasure to be around.  I love to surround myself with people like that.

In fact, as I've been going down this path of self-growth and awareness,...WATCH VIDEO

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After years of training and practice I can proudly say that I'm not much of a "piler."  Well, except one it comes to one thing...Papers!

I'm guessing you're with me on this one. ;) 

They're just not as easy as picking up let's say, a spoon or a pillow. You know where your spoon is supposed to go and there isn't too much decision making about that pillow either. But pick up a piece of paper and...back down it goes. Back to your counter or desk or to top off a pile that already exists....WATCH VIDEO

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I'm feeling totally pumped today because there are some pretty exciting things going on with LIO right now.

I'm knee-deep into a few projects and I feel more energized than I have in months. 

You may have joined me on Facebook for my series of 30 second organizing videos, you might have heard about my life management workshop coming out in September (that I'm ridiculously excited about), and in less than a week I'll be introducing a "7-day decluttering" workshop. 

So I'm telling you this because for a while I was in a bit of a slump. Okay, a big slump....WATCH VIDEO

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