You know what I think?

No Indian woman should be getting a perm! ;)

Why couldn't anyone have told me that when I was in seventh grade?!

It was bad. Really bad. Naturally straight, silky hair - gone all wrong. 

But along with my boy cut, thick bangs (another terrrrrible stage), bob, and seriously big hair, that added two inches to my height (thank you 1990) - I've always been itching for a change....WATCH VIDEO

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I was at my wit's end last week.

My website was down for five days!

Maybe it was a hacker, maybe a virus, maybe too much load...I didn't know. I left it to the Tech folks to figure out.

When it first went down I was pretty calm, thinking it would be up within 15 minutes. (This happens from time to time). But as I reached a two hour mark I really started to panic....WATCH VIDEO

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So recently I made a personal decision about something from my past. 

My friends daughter was gearing up for the prom and she really wanted to wear something Indian. (She's not Indian but has always loved its colors and influence).  

So naturally she asked if I had anything she could wear that I didn't use anymore. (Since it would have to be altered to fit her daughter).

When she described what type of outfit she was looking for, I looked through my closet and found the perfect thing....WATCH VIDEO

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I'm finally home and settled after three back-to-back trips: India, Dubai and L.A. And as always, I love traveling but it's sooooo good to be home. 

So between my boys, hubby and business you can only imagine how much I had to get organized before I left. Lists were my best friends.

One of my many lists was for everything I needed to pack for each destination. Each place had distinct events and weather, which made it pretty overwhelming at times....WATCH VIDEO

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It's here. The dreaded April 15th deadline.

Here in the States, it's taxes day!

So I thought it would be fitting to to talk about financial organization. ;) I know, not the sexiest topic ever, but so important to alleviating mental stress. 

There's nothing worse than panicking about bills being paid on time and accounts being up to date. 

I'll admit. This is my absolute downfall. Thank goodness my hubby is a financial genius! (I married well)....WATCH VIDEO

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I'll be back from my fantabulous trip late tomorrow. Which means, buh-bye no schedules, sleeping in and staying out late. And hell-ooooo, daily grind. ;)

Actually, it really isn't a bad thing.

I'm desperately missing my kids and hubby, and time away is making me yearn for my day-to-day routines with them. 

There is something about wonderful about knowing what to expect everyday....WATCH VIDEO

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