Have you heard of the 80/20 principle (AKA, the 80-20 rule?)

That 80% of effects comes from 20% of the causes. 

Like 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your clients.

Or 80% of the clothes you wear comes from 20% of your wardrobe. 

Or 80% of organization value comes from 20% of the blogs you read. 

(Like how I snuck that one in there?) ;)....WATCH VIDEO

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Change is hard, isn't it?

You have to do things differently, think differently, maybe even act differently. 

I made a big change.

In case you missed it last week, I'll be sending out my videos every other week, (instead of weekly).

I have to admit, it was a big leap for me and I was kind of scared. Ok, really scared....READ BLOG

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You know when you organize a drawer and it makes you feel so great?

You loooove how it looks and how easy it is to find what you need.

And then, within a week, it's a complete disaster again. 

What gives?! 

Makes you feel like, "What's the point of organizing it? It's just going to get messy again."...WATCH VIDEO

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Wanna know what I've put off for six years?

Making albums.

I used to make one each year (since 2002) - with memories of our family, documented chronologically from January through December. 

I painstakingly worked on each album with incredible detail: scanned in travel tickets, event pamphlets, movie stubs, school photos, kids artwork and so much more.....WATCH VIDEO

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Do you think I'm lazy?

I mean, I am obsessed with doing things the easy way. ;)

But I like to think of it as being - smart.

I learned to think this way from my hubby. (Yes, I married well).

The truth is when we got hitched, I wasn't exactly the most systematic person in the world....WATCH VIDEO

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My closets are perfectly organized.

I never have paper piles.

My house is always tidy.

Best part is my kids are over-the-top clean and haaaaate leaving their things out.

Gimme a minute, please.

I've got to pull myself out of hysterics, smack myself out of fantasy land and wake up to the reality of my life. My hectic schedule, juggling a family of four and procrastinating stuff I don't like to do....WATCH VIDEO

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