"Don't forget to wash your hands."

"Close the door behind you."

"Pick up your clothes."

"Like I told you ten times before - it's behind your socks in the second drawer."

It seems like half the job of being a mom is reminding everyone of...um...EVERYTHING! ;)  

Seriously, I had no idea this was part of the job description....WATCH VIDEO

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You know when you walk into a room and you think, "OMG, this place is making me crazy!"

So you group things up, stack them, shuffle them around and rearrange everything in the room - so it's all "organized."  

Yet you wonder why it's a disaster again in just a matter of hours.

Now you know that's really not organizing....WATCH VIDEO

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Today's episode is on the subject of something I've been thinking about for a while. Like the last couple of years.  


It impacts the way my husband and I raise our kids.

It impacts how we make our decisions about what we bring into our home.

And it impacts our happiness.

Wow, that's a big impact. ;) ...WATCH VIDEO

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Ever bought makeup and gotten a free gift, like a sample of lipstick, mascara, lotion and some kind of branded bag?

Or maybe bought makeup just to get those things? ;) 

I've done both. 

And generally there's only one item in the freebies that looks good on my skin color, or that I actually remember to use....WATCH VIDEO

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Add it to the pile. Shuffle through the pile. Back in the pile. Move the pile from counter to counter. 

Sound familiar?

That lingering pile. Always lurking on your counter or desk or table.

You know you need to do something with those papers...but who knows what. And who knows when.  

The funny thing is that many of the actions you need to take, take less than five minutes....WATCH VIDEO

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100 flavors of Coke.

That was the incentive for my boys to visit the The World of Coca-Cola this weekend. We took a road trip to Atlanta and this sight was high on the list. 

You get to sample Coke flavors from around the world like Black Cherry Vanilla, Mango, and Green Tea Coke. 

My older son was dying to take full advantage of this decadent sugar blast and was confident he'd try tons of flavors....WATCH VIDEO

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