My closets are perfectly organized.

I never have paper piles.

My house is always tidy.

Best part is my kids are over-the-top clean and haaaaate leaving their things out.

Gimme a minute, please.

I've got to pull myself out of hysterics, smack myself out of fantasy land and wake up to the reality of my life. My hectic schedule, juggling a family of four and procrastinating stuff I don't like to do....WATCH VIDEO

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One small carry on bag.

That's what I packed for my two week getaway when I was visiting home a few weeks ago.

I knew I'd be moving from house to house (parents, in-laws, cousins, brother and friends), so I wanted to keep it light and easy to pack, unpack and take with me. 

And here's what I realized.

When you restrict yourself to a small space, you pack all your favorites....WATCH VIDEO

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It's easy for me to get distracted. Very distracted.  

Like I'm typing this blog and see my nails on the keyboard and grab the nail filer. 

Like I'm working on a training program and I remember we need garbage bags so I start a shopping list.

Like I'm in the middle of making dinner, hear my phone ding and start texting with a friend.

It's not easy to stay focused. Complete stuff. Follow through....WATCH VIDEO

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Do you have a hard time letting go of things? Feel like you'll lose a part of yourself if you don't keep an item?

If you're nodding your head yes, you're going to love today's episode of LIO TV.

Even if you're in the habit of decluttering, it can be hard to deal with the stuff you're emotionally attached to. I'm constantly purging, yet letting go of certain things from my past is a struggle....WATCH VIDEO

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Two more weeks!

Just two more weeks and summer vacay is over in The Parikh household. Here in Nashville, school starts up the first week of August. 

Back to routines, getting up early, packing lunches, rounding up backpacks and making carpool.

I looooove when those mornings go smoothly. But when we're off, WE. ARE. OFF....WATCH VIDEO

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I can't take it any more. 

I have a pair of gorgeous boots that have needed to be re-heeled for...wait for it...over two years. (It's even more embarrassing writing it out). I. AM. OVER. IT.!

Sweet cobbler (who's only three miles from my house - yes, really), here I come!

Two years is a long time for those comfy booties to be collecting dust. Part of me is plain ole' lazy to take them to be fixed....WATCH VIDEO

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